Laser Treatments

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What are the benefits of Laser Treatments?

Spectrum Laser/IPL Treatments

The Rohrer Spectrum Laser/IPL is a powerful and incredibly portable laser and IPL system in one. Offering 4 different lasers and an IPL in one convenient platform, the system can be used for a variety of cosmetic procedures, including skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, removal of pigmented lesions, vascular reduction, hair removal, and more.

Unwanted Body Hair

Unwanted body hair is a problem that everyone experiences. This is why hair removal has become the first non-invasive aesthetic procedure. The Spectrum uses an 810nm diode laser to remove and permanently reduce unwanted body hair. This pulse repetition rate can be adjusted up to 10-pulses per second allowing both small and large areas to be treated fast and effectively. The 810nm-diode can be used on all skin types.

Skin Resurfacing

If you desire to remove fine lines and pigmented lesions, perhaps laser treatments are the answer? The Spectrum laser uses a less invasive approach for treating superficial wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. A Spectrum laser procedure involves minimal downtime and delivers great results for mild to moderate skin wrinkling and dyschromia. The Erbium Yag treatment is gentle and safe and can be used on the neck chest hands and face with minimal risk.

Tattoo Removal

For whatever reason, body art may become undesirable. Spectrum laser treatments can remove tattoos. The laser “fractures” the pigment into particles small enough for the ink to be removed using the body’s natural filtering system. This treatment can effectively remove an array of tattoo ink colors with minimal risk. (Multiple treatments may be required).

Intense Pulsed Light (IPO)

The Spectrum laser/IPL can be used for a myriad of different treatments including hair reduction, acne reduction, and the removal of vascular and pigmented lesions. Spectrum’s IPL includes 4 broadband filters. Each filter provides non-coherent energy that targets specific chromophores. The treatments are non-ablative and gentle by nature. The Spectrum IPL performance provides efficacy and versatility leaving patients with healthy and more youthful skin.


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