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What are the benefits of Juvederm®?

Juvederm is just one variety of dermal filler that is safe to use in these procedures. This FDA-approved filler has the consistency of a smooth gel and is comprised of hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in the human body. It is available in both Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus varieties, each with its own specific usages. Juvederm Ultra is often chosen to erase lighter wrinkles from the face, even delicate areas like the outer eye. Juvederm Ultra Plus is designed to help diminish more severe wrinkles. It has a thicker consistency than Juvederm Ultra so it can be used for plumping the lips and cheeks as well.

Juvederm Is Smooth & Natural

Juvederm delivers natural-looking results time and time again, thanks to the smooth gel texture. Where granular gels might not, Juvederm can provide patients with smoother, plumper cheeks that don’t look artificial. The consistency of this filler can create authentic contours and definition to the face, while seamlessly ironing out fine lines and creases to a minimum. The idea behind Juvederm is that no one will be able to tell that you’ve had injections but everyone will notice your more youthful-looking face and the beautiful results.

Juvederm Lasts Longer

Juvederm is one of the few with long-lasting results. In fact, Juvederm is the only dermal filler that is FDA-approved to last up to one year. The manufacturing techniques used to make Juvederm provide the product with high levels of hyaluronic acid, which gives it such long-lasting results. With other products are only able to give patients four to six months of added volume and youthful looks, Juvederm doubles that time to save you money and time on subsequent clinical visits.

Juvederm Is Revolutionary & Non-Allergenic

Sometimes called a “next-generation” dermal filler, Juvederm is made up of a non-animal-based hyaluronic acid. This substance is found in the human body naturally so it eliminates potential allergic reactions or other complications. While other fillers use hyaluronic acid, those that derive it from animal sources also carry the slight risk that a patient with animal-related allergies might not be able to process it without reacting. The advances made for Juvederm products make injectable treatments accessible to everyone. In fact, using Juvederm eliminates the need for an allergy scratch-test before your injection.

Juvederm Actually Helps the Skin

In the body, hyaluronic acid works to add moisture to the skin. As we age, the body’s stores of this compound deplete and, as a result, the skin can become dehydrated and appear dry, limp, and dull. Juvederm treatments inject hyaluronic acid directly into the area of concern. Though plumping might be your primary interest, while the hyaluronic acid sits beneath the skin to provide the look you want, it is also working to replenish the body’s stores once more. This can help your skin to increase the production of elastin and even help to restore your natural glow. Juvederm can make the skin healthier just by being present. Some early research also shows that repeated treatments and exposure to the hyaluronic acid in Juvederm can help improve your skin’s function and form, meaning the benefits will last far longer than the injection itself.

Juvederm Is Proven Effective

One of the big reasons that Juvederm remains a top recommendation of plastic surgeons across the United States is its consistent results. Patients treated with Juvederm enjoy their natural-looking results, wherever they have been treated. This product provides doctors and patients alike with an option that is low-risk, high in reward, and longer-lasting. To determine if this is the right type of dermal filler for your skin and your specific concerns, consult with a plastic surgeon for his expert recommendations. Now, you’ll definitely be prepared if he mentions Juvederm as a top treatment option.

Are you a good candidate for Juvederm®?

Brookhaven Medspa maintains the highest level of care when it comes to cleanliness and safety. Not only do we use specially designed equipment and products, our staff includes highly trained professionals who are licensed to administer these treatments for optimal results.

Every treatment plan is uniquely designed to the desires and goals of each client. When you visit Brookhaven Medspa, we take the time to explain your options and assist in the selection of the best services for your needs. If you have been searching for Med Spa Brookhaven, you have found the right place.


If you think Juvederm is right for you, please schedule a one-on-one consultation and we will present you with your options.


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